More and more couples are having to delay their main honeymoon plans for a multitude of reasons. For example, perhaps getting even more time off work straight after their wedding is not possible, or they simply need more time to save up for the trip of their dreams! It may even just be cheaper to go later in the year. Rather than just waiting for the main trip, many couples are choosing to go on a mini-moon as a stop gap to stave off the wedding blues until the main honeymoon.

Why go on a mini-moon?

Although it’s a fantastic stop gap between the wedding and honeymoon, some people will choose to only go on a mini-moon, especially if the timing/budget/desire is just not there for a full two-week trip. It’s a great way to ensure that you don’t have to miss out on the adventure of going away for a few days as a newlywed couple after the wedding, but you can do so on your own terms.

Plan a mini-moon

Mini-moons make a fantastic stop gap between the wedding and honeymoon

If a couple has children, for example, they may not want to leave them at home for two weeks while they swan off on a honeymoon (although some couples may welcome the break!), and so a mini-moon gives them time to celebrate as a couple, without the guilt or worry of being away from their kids for too long.

Where can you go for a mini-moon?

An important factor of a mini-moon is that it is close to home to avoid spending several hours of your adventure on a plane and another few days dealing with jetlag! Simply travelling a few hours away from your hometown, maybe to a lovely, secluded cabin in the countryside, or a historic city you’ve always thought about exploring is enough to be counted as a mini-moon.

Planing a mini-moon

How about a short break to Europe?. Royal Palace, Madrid. Photo by midicloriano.

Of course, a few days away in a European city would also be an excellent mini-moon destination. A romantic break to relax after the inevitable stress that comes with planning a wedding, without the financial strain that two weeks in the Bahamas straight after the wedding day would cause.

So how long should you go for?

Well, a mini-moon is generally less than a week. By going somewhere that doesn’t require too much time traveling, you can really make the most of your time away.

Mini-moon planning

Spent the mini-moon visiting art galleries or museums. Photo by Stain_Marylight.

Whether you head to somewhere where your only aim is to drink champagne and hangout in a hot tub, or if you fancy eating rich foods and walking hand in hand around art galleries, it’s all about you and your new spouse.

How can you make it more affordable?

Just because it’s a mini-moon, that doesn’t mean you can’t set up a fund to help save and make it the best few days away possible. With your guest’s kind contributions, you could afford to add a gondola trip to your Venice break, have afternoon tea at the top of the Shard, or upgrade your room in a country hotel. You could ask your wedding guests to make suggestions on what you should do with their money, to make the experience really personal and thoughtful, as well as helping make your mini-moon unforgettable.

mini-moon planning money

Save for a mini-moon.

So start thinking about your mini-moon and what it is you want from the trip. Is it a stopgap before your main holiday, or are you looking to save costs entirely and just go away for a few days? Do you want to stay in the country or take a short haul flight abroad? (Don’t let cost sway you too much in this decision, quite often a few days abroad can cost the same as a night or two in a hotel in England!). Plan some romantic activities, or plan nothing at all if you want a complete rest, and look forward to a few special days of celebration.