When it comes to your honeymoon, we all want ours to be the most epic honeymoon in the history of honeymoons… EVER! (Which, of course, will probably be the case if we have anything to do with it.) As newlyweds, you have a certain leeway when it comes to getting upgrades and freebies because companies just love a couple in love. Awwww. And it’s the time to be spoiled, right? Many newlyweds will shy away from ‘milking’ their honeymoon experiences, but you know what we say? Milk it for all its worth, baby.

Before you go

As newlyweds, you have a certain time limit before the whole ‘we’re newlyweds, and we’re so in love la la la’ stuff wears thin – so make sure you get good use of it before your time runs out. We suggest spreading the word when you first book your honeymoon, to make all of your service providers aware that you are traveling for a special occasion; especially if you aren’t traveling for a while. When you first book your hotel and accommodation, many websites ask you the reason for your travel. This is the perfect opportunity to make them aware that you are celebrating your marriage, and may bump up your accommodation option and upgrade you (preferably with a private pool and a private beach, but you know, we’re not fussy). If the website doesn’t have this option, you can always send the hotel an email before you travel to let them know – you’re allowed to brag, just this once. If you book far enough in advance, this gives them enough time to sort out these little honeymoon treats. So avoid booking last minute!

Honeymoon Flights

When it comes to blagging wedding/honeymoon perks, airlines are the place to go. There’s nothing better than starting your honeymoon in style, and of course, that means First Class seats. However, buying first class tickets isn’t always possible on a tight budget – so you’ll need to play the newlywed card.

First Class on Emirates

Airlines are extremely generous when it comes to bumping up their passengers, and will do so fairly easily with no charge (this is also because they want to fill up their seats). Most of the time, letting the airline know on the day that it’s your honeymoon will result in an upgrade. If not, they might just throw in a free bottle of champagne

Honeymoon Meals

Newlywed perks don’t stop when you’ve got off the plane and unpacked your clothes (or whole closet. We don’t know the meaning of overpacking). Depending on where you go, you may be able to get a few freebies when you go out for dinner.

Let restaurant staff know you are celebrating your honeymoon. Photo by Dave Lastovskiy

If you get on friendly terms with your waiter and casually mention that you’re celebrating your honeymoon, they may offer you a free meal, a free dessert course, or just a free bottle of wine. Either way, it’s free – and you make a new friend!

The Concierge

When you’re on your honeymoon, your hotel concierge will be your new best friend. The hotel concierge knows everything about everything and will do anything they possibly can to make your stay the best it can be. If you mention to them that it is your honeymoon, they may be able to point you in the direction of hidden gems, cool activities, beautiful locations or even set up a free celebration for you on the house.

Make your hotel concierge your new best friend…

Saving money for your honeymoon doesn’t have to be the hardest thing in the world (trust us, it’s totally do-able) as you can also set up your ultimate honeymoon gift list on flyustothemoon.com where your wedding guests can contribute to your perfect honeymoon and pay for your hotel, flights, meals, experiences and more – because who needs ANOTHER set of dinner plates? Hint: not us.