When it comes to choosing your honeymoon, there are two important factors you need to consider – where you want to go and how long for. You’ll probably find yourself pretty skint after the initial wedding, so choosing a honeymoon to suit your budget can be difficult. However, creating a honeymoon fund with flyustothemoon.com can help you on your way to the most epic honeymoon of all time (no pressure). Friends and family can help you out with your travel, accommodation, and activities. But first, you need to work out how long you’re going for.

A weekend mini-moon

Ahhhh, the mini-moon. Mini-moons are becoming increasingly common in today’s day and age, as couples are finding it harder to take time off work, decide where they want to go, and save up the money for a longer honeymoon. Many people also take mini-moons straight after their wedding for a little newlywed getaway, so they have more time to properly plan and save for the honeymoon of a lifetime in the future!

A 2 day honeymoon

Go on a driving mini-moon. Photo by Alejandro Salinas.

Mini-moons are perfect if you fancy taking a drive or a short flight far enough away from your house to call it a holiday but then return home after a couple of days to your families and friends to start your new life together.

One week – two weeks honeymoon

Taking a week to two-week long honeymoon is the most common amongst newlyweds, who decide to jet off across the world to embark on their first journey as a married couple. The week/two-week long honeymoon is ideal for those people who wish to travel further afield.

2 weeks honeymoon

Go on a traditional 2 week honeymoon. Photo by Alejandro Salinas

For example, if you’re traveling to America or Asia, you will spend nearly two of those days in flight – so you couldn’t exactly go over the course of the weekend. A one to two-week long honeymoon gives you just enough time to unwind, relax, spend quality time with your husband or wife and explore what that city or country has to offer.

One month honeymoon

With more and more young people opting to spend their mid-20s to mid-30s traveling around the world, many are now incorporating this into their honeymoons. This option is perfect for those who have the travel bug and aren’t sold on the idea of one honeymoon destination. Why go to one place when you could see twenty? One of the best ways to travel for your one month honeymoon is to grab yourselves a European Interrail pass, which allows you to eat, sleep and explore a new country in Europe every single day.

one month honeymoon by rail

Travel mainland Europe with a European Interrail pass. Photo by Marc Cravé.

If you’re struggling for money, set up your honeymoon gift fund, and ask friends and family to contribute to a day’s traveling. As long as you have thirty guests, you’ll be laughing!

One year honeymoon

Many newlywed couples aren’t ready to jump back into their boring 9-5’s after the thrill and excitement of their wedding and are now opting to embark on a huge year-long adventure with their new husband or wife. Although this takes a lot of planning, a year-long honeymoon is totally doable and will allow you to visit country after country.

One year honeymoon.

Buy a campervan and go on a year long travel honeymoon! Photo by wmaurice.

Fancy taking a trip to Australia? Why not rent a campervan and drive yourself around for a month? Always wanted to see the Great Wall of China? No problem. Got a craving to take a safari around the Serengeti? You can totally do that.


You may have a new job, you may be sick of where you live, you may want to explore the world with no intention of returning – and that’s totally okay. More and more newlywed couples are now using their honeymoon as an excuse to relocate to another country. After your wedding, you wave goodbye to your family. Only this time, you don’t know when you’ll see them again. Many couples who choose this option still make their first few weeks in the new country special and celebrate as newlyweds, but then they find a house, start their new jobs or continue their travels.

forever honeymoon

Remember to check what Visa you will need if your planning to stay in a country for a long time.

If this is something you and your fiancé are planning, you will need to set up your honeymoon registry earlier than the average honeymoon, as you’ll need as much time and money to plan it.