Let’s be honest, England is not the ideal honeymoon destination for January (you know, unless you’re an Inuit or love having icicles hanging off your nose). However, with so many more couples embarking on their loved-up honeymoon in January – we have to wonder, where the heck are they going?! Luckily, through our impressive research (wink) we’ve found that there are loads of places to go on a honeymoon in January. Check out these places:

Honeymoon in Maldives

It’s no secret that the Maldives is a pretty incredible honeymoon destination. With the glorious white sands, the aquamarine sea, and the amazing hotel huts, the Maldives is the perfect place for a full-on relaxathon with your new husband or wife. January is the coldest month for the Maldives – but don’t worry, it’s really not that cold! In fact, daytime temperatures will still soar to an average of 27 degrees Celsius. I mean, what could be better than sizzling on a beautiful beach in near 30-degree heat? And to cool down, you can try out some of the many watersports this collection of islands has to offer.

Honeymoon in St. Lucia

If you fancy something cool and exotic for your honeymoon, St. Lucia fits the bill to a T. The average temperature for St. Lucia in January is around 26.5 degrees – so you can fit in a bit of winter sun with your new beau.

St. Lucia in January is around 26.5 degrees

St. Lucia is famous for its incredible rainforests and landscapes, and one of the highlights of any trip to St. Lucia is going on an epic zip line through the rainforest (I mean, how cool does that sound?!) This zip-line will cost you around £62 each, but why not add it to your flyustothemoon.com honeymoon registry and get one of your weddings guests to pay for it?

Honeymoon in Morocco

Sometimes, newlywed couples want a little culture in their lives – you know, you can only lay on a beach for so long. So if you’re looking for a bit more action and bustling city life, Morocco is a much better alternative for you. With its incredible colours, sights, sounds, and smells, Morocco is an attack on the senses (but a good one) that you will never forget. Luckily, Morocco offers the best of both worlds.

Looking for a bit more action and bustling city life, Morocco might be the perfect answer

Alongside the impressive souks and mosaic architecture, Morocco also boasts amazing beaches to lay out on after a hefty day of sightseeing. Want to know the best bit? Morocco will still be a nice and warm 23 degrees Celsius to whip out your legs and get a tan.

Honeymoon in Cuba

Ahhhh, Cuba! Cuba is the island nation that time forgot – and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a time machine and gone back around 60 years. At the moment, Cuba is still relatively unknown as a tourist destination, meaning it’s completely unspoiled.

Cuba has very recently fully opened it doors to tourists

You can rent an old vintage car to roam around in, check out the cigar factories, wander through the colorful buildings and of course, sample a tipple of the Cuban Rum (would be rude not to) – all in a nice 22-degree heat.


If you’re looking for something a bit further afield – why not travel to the other side of the world? In Australia, January is technically their summer (we know, how weird is that) so the temperature is a nice average of 23 degrees Celsius.

Sydney is the perfect mix of relaxation and city life.

In the morning, you can check out the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge; and in the afternoon you can laze in the sun on Bondi Beach or each rock out with the surfers as you catch some waves, dude. Why not put a couples surfing lesson on your flyustothemoon.com honeymoon registry and give your weddings guests the chance to give you a gift of a lifetime?

Winter in England is never fun – unless you’re sat next to a roaring fire 24/7 (we wish), but that doesn’t mean your winter honeymoon can’t be incredible! You just need to find the perfect destination for you.