Many more couples today are shifting away from asking for the more traditional wedding gifts to asking for money for their honeymoon.

It’s a growing trend as more and more couples are cohabiting before getting married, three quarters of us in fact! And Couples already have the all the classic home ware and gifts before arriving at the altar.

Also newlyweds are jet setting to more exotic honeymoon destinations or going on a more adventurous honeymoon and in more need for cash to fund this whilst the price of the average wedding increasing year on year.

Honeymoon costs

Don’t forget about the cost of your honeymoon. Photo by Scott Webb

Is it therefore okay to ask for money for a honeymoon as a wedding gift from your wedding? Fly us to the Moon believes it is! Wedding etiquette has changed and it is very much acceptable to ask for money towards your dream honeymoon. Let your guest give you an experience that you’re going to remember for the rest of your life. You don’t want to end up with 10 toasters on the day, especially if you already have one.

If you still want to keep your gift from your guest meaningful and unique set up a free honeymoon registry or “honeymoon gift list” as it allows you to create a range of different gifts based on different budget and tastes.

It’s best to ask for money for your honeymoon by a poem, and give them the option – no one likes the idea of forced giving. Keep the poem light-hearted and sweet – here are some of our examples of wedding poems asking for honeymoon money.

By creating a honeymoon gift list it also allows your guest to share what you have planned and allows every guest to feel a part of your special trip – and a great excuse to catch up afterwards, or write thank you cards to let them know how much your enjoyed their gift.

Honeymoon thank you notes

Write thank you cards to let them know how much your enjoyed their gift. Photo by Aaron Burden

In just 10 years we predict the majority of gift lists for weddings to be bases on asking for money for the honeymoon.

Start your free honeymoon registry and start planning your dream honeymoon now.