It’s a daunting dilemma – how do you ask for money towards your honeymoon but yet make it sound not to demanding? The best way, we believe, is to ask via a poem. It’s a nice sweet way which many of your guests will enjoy reading.

Here are some of our favourite:

The most important gift to us is to have you share our day,
but should you wish to contribute in some other way,
then help us on our honeymoon in our chosen paradise,
a little extra spending money would be really nice.

We haven’t got a traditional wedding list,
the reasons we’ll explain,
It’s to save you all the hassle as shopping is a pain.
We thought we’d ask you all for something else instead,
A small contribution towards a holiday in the med.
We’ve been together for a few years now
and have a lovely home.
There are not too many items that
we don’t already own.
So please don’t be offended
and please don’t think we’re brash
If you’re thoughts were on a present
we ‘d much prefer honeymoon cash.
The choice is really up to you
and we would like to say
We hope you come and enjoy yourselves
on this our special day

Wedding Poems

Photo by Allef Vinicius

The date has been set and we’d love you to come,
To celebrate our wedding, a long way for some,
All you must do, is decide what to wear,
Then polish your jewellery and comb up your hair.

Don’t worry about gifts, don’t buy us a yacht,
The things that we need, we’ve already got.
Our home is quite compact, we may have to move
Then our storage and space will surely improve.

Don’t go out shopping or get yourself stressed,
Don’t alter your plans for a pre wedding rest.
If you want to be generous, despite what we’ve said,
Then save all the hassle and do this instead….

Don’t know how to word this but will give it our best shot…
Contributions are most welcome, we’ll go somewhere hot!
A honeymoon would be marvellous, to start off our life.
In our long winding journey, as new husband and wife!

Wedding Poems asking for money

Photo by Bin Thiều

We know it’s not traditional
It’s not the way it’s done
But instead of a wedding list
We’d like a bit of sun.

Please do not think of us as rude
Please do not take offence
We do not want to upset you
That’s not the way it’s meant.

We’ve lived together quite a while
And all the bills are paid
We’ve got our plates, our pots and pans
Our plans have all been made.

So if you’d like to give a gift
To help us celebrate
Some money for a honeymoon
We would appreciate

Wedding Poems

Photo by wu yi

We are sending out this invitation
In hope you will join a celebration
But if a gift is your intention
May we take this opportunity to mention
We have already got a kettle and toaster
crockery dinner mats and matching coasters.
So rather than something we’ve already got
We would appreciate money for our honeymoon pot
But more importantly to request
That you come to our wedding as our guest.

Wedding Poems

Photo by Luis Tosta

We really hope that you can join us
On our special day
You’ll make our memories complete
In every single way
We do not have a gift list
And we know you’ll understand

Our house and contents are complete
With pots and plates and pans
But should you really want to give
And celebrate this way

Then we would appreciate your help
To send us on our way
A contribution to our honeymoon
In a land quite far away

But most importantly, we request,
You come to our wedding as our guest
To share with us our special day
And have some fun along the way

Wedding Poems

Wedding Poems asking for money

We’ve lived together quite a while with all our pots and pans,
and as we don’t need homely gifts we’ve got another plan!
We know it’s not traditional but an awful lot more fun,
to have items on our wedding list to help us catch some sun!
So if you’d like to give a gift and send us on our way
a donation to our honeymoon would really make our day!!
Then while we’re relaxing on the beach, or by the pool so blue
we’ll sit back and know that it is truly thanks to you!