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What gifts to pick for your honeymoon Fund/Registry

You've decided to create a gift list but unsure what type of gifts to ask for? Fly us to the Moon recommends creating a wide range of gifts and budgets to suit your entire guest list.

The best starting block is to work out your itinerary and activities you want to undertake whilst away. This could be excursions, spa days, meals out or travel.

It’s worth picking up a local guide to the area to find out the activities available in the area and if you’re not sure on the price it’s best to give an approximation.

For bigger items, such as flights, it's a good idea to split them into multiply items. So a flight for £600 you could split into 6 x £100 items or a hotel stay into separate nights - You could even let guests know how many miles they are buying for their £100. Alternatively If you don't want to broadcast how much each item is you can also make it clear it's just a contribute

Always include cheaper items - as many guests, such as evening, may not be able to afford expensive items. This could be a meal, drink out or even a taxi fare.

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