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Free honeymoon registry - create gifts that guests can contribute to, from flights to meals to safaris and everything in between.

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Create a honeymoon registry


Create gifts that guests can contribute to from flights to meals.

share a honeymoon registry site


Own a unique website address to share your honeymoon gift list with your wedding guests.

collect money for a honeymoon registry


Collect money towards your gifts via PayPal, cash and cheques or transfers.

design a honeymoon registry

Design your gift list

Style-up your honeymoon gift list with custom fonts, colours and backgrounds - you can even upload your own background to match your wedding theme.

Create your gift list or view an example profile

Your choice of gifts

Create your own gifts or pick from our library of over 100 gift ideas - from hotel rooms to cocktails on the beach.

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gifts for a honeymoon registry

Personalised messages

Guests will be given the option of writing an online, personalised message with their gift to congratulate you and wish you well on your travels!

Create your gift list

Free to use

You can setup a profile on Fly us to the Moon for free. Guests will be able to make payment to your fund via Cash, Bank Transfer, Cheque/Check and PayPal.

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Fly us to the moon review

Jack & Deborah

“It was so easy to set up our honeymoon registry and all of our guests loved it!”

Fly us to the moon review

Kunal & Charlotte

“I loved our list, it allowed us to collect money for our honeymoon and share with family and friends.”

Fly us to the moon review

Andrew & Sophie

"It allowed us to go on the honeymoon of our dreams and involve our guests in the adventure!”

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